Tuesday 27 February 2024

Nonnies, earn their nonniness

 Merms are always sour and death wish...

Nonnies.. all 3 at most,  of 100+ liasons dangerouses.. but expesh superNon  fortnight ago, who made personal comments at me as opening joust  

" no ... dont give up ... there is only love... i know, because..." And i know she really is...loved... cos her skin was superace, too.

 And smile...real.

Tesco,  free elec...sundayaft.. just in grom Devon, she really seemed to want to add to my description of Merms /  Waitrose Bags she instinctively knew EXACTLY what i meant with only a few incomplete descriptors

i wish she would have had time to add in more word picture descriptors... she i needed she cared... what " we have done"

it does matter, sorry but 10 years of archive tape proves they really really have fucked all environment..ALISM... 

i do t blane gov or farm or big us aby more

cos i did the work sadly proving just who is to blame...