Wednesday 21 February 2024

Ok now i think...

 I only think when i have 'made a space' safe or not.... for the magical realism to get gangbanged into new ugly babiestoo

But no baby even ever created in gangbang turmoil, ever wants to Be unborn..

I got it, a last 'cause' ... Be cause

one can

Never mind i know they need their  'day'too

Te Blockettes... blockheadstrong... I am therefore i block

It should Be not just her anniversary, but all of them...

22 Feb, world blocking day, the day we all (i only block him..fatmong him... i was pondering a periodical unblock a few weeks ago, but no he never DID owt... i do have the script stillin my head, but maybe another day..) celebrate our 'control'... I am sure they have world periods day, full stop

They need to celebrate the anti-period, end...

The former celebrating wash out the old and bleed the new

But that's not enough, there must be no more bloody to rebleed or

lifeblood the next phase...

Nope, only my little bloody blockin' finger... 

Well i know

 i don't think, they need their world-day


Therefore i am

22 Feb forevermore....

Meanwhile back in...


 Mr Carroll's dodgy one way lookinglass with Gabriel's actually real magical realism.... and the pilgrim progressed to a perfect cliff top series of 

so seminal random enccounters.

I think the ultra Merm the best

" you look as if you are actually on the way home from Woodstock.. the first one"

And how sourly i caught her with her holey knickers down

" you are negative arent you..."

And how her lying teeth " well i did seven years in one that small so put that in your pipe and smoke it" chattered nothing more than

 the wheels on the bus 

and the chatter chatter chatter

I know what to say to her at last...

Only one is ti icised