Wednesday 21 February 2024

The remedy

from hertoo
A week ago

When Britain diverged from the magnificat

The 'European project' Be ing rightly to Be of common ground, and respect words as having a need to Be understood...within the "community" 

As there is and should Be 'collective' communication at least at the levelof thought as a force to bring us back to some sane universal...

London, free... not here in London-on-sea

what a mindblower...

Me trying to get a riverbath last year in less TOOeasy cirx...

SO yes...having spent a fair bit of the last 6 months wasting my time speaking of... enquiring of...'art' ... 

And the couple lastereve the best - so entirely and artfully encapsulated the snobbish pretence at being of the 'people' and all art is for a reason, fucking pants cos thats what the guardian told them...

Art is even in 

82 to go.

Even if prior a year ago, i only received one email in her first ... that is art

And all since - the performances, one and all, with bit players, walk on part "humans"

art too....


But before i walk on. 

A year tomorrow of Mister Schism must be tidied away..filed, aside... just a year swimming against her tide..
..... all but one.
The first shall be the last and the only next
No matter what
As one day i shall find it its rightful perch. 
Even if i have to bore myself to death and write my own bestseller and buy
the right.

A project
An artform
A magical realism book, or ten, but theres no magic only real... 

To Be called sunset of sanity

But one has to hear the interview, and also the film next
Of even every 100 meres... their lovely messages.

Wrapped up in a plastic bag, not even thrown afar into the bracken....

" The environment is fucked luv...but i dont blame business or politicians...
do you see the lovely little plastic 'message' bags littering even here...
.so what did you DO about it other than wear your cardy so out as a work of performance art so as to look
THAT ...Joni....part"
Harris and Gray "liberalism is dead" .. missed the actual reason
For truth telling 
became a treason...

And that will be book, 


For the simple reason that when the two titans tangoing on a pod, are so innane and nihilistic

Voltaire, in fact that great seditioner done three times in the London courts
i have it somewhere
In fact in many ways the culture of the ignorant little Island of shopkeepers was far more tyrannising in the 60s and 70s...

And one thing only changed it all..


BUt even the yanks to my amazement hadn't forgotten TRUE gorgeous rather funny but so sodeep and quite wise... satire...and i hate anything that goes bang bang

And a woman writer too...