Saturday 17 February 2024



all these early morning readers...

i try and get the links right, which i do manage however every second with a mobile phone in my hand i resent so batch chucking bits of film at a Tube...

like she the rather great artist yesteraft

 stood, me staring, and  she schmugglating the paint with splendid insousiance...  "quick get these minmows over with.. bigger 3 grand ones to fry"

its a right pain to check each video is set to ' public'...

this wasnt

now iz

this is all  only a load of nonsense  scattered over a van floor for a year.... 

but j am very good at cleaning and tidying

 up ... most of life my job...

but only if the weather stays horrid for weeks on end - requiring being only indoors, it  resolutely refuses to do

so .. its all out of my


not my fault, such an unpoetical pigs ear 

of a fucked up lovechild

blame it on some weather gods ...  blame it 

on  some matrix controller  .. of their trendy ' hologram' 

oops... i yjought this was the " no  fine woman,  hollogramitis is a cop out"  one

but its the " bullshit shamanism cheap zoom tarts "one


blame it on Eckhart being dropped on his head as a kid, too, and  it all coming out the opposite to 

this actual reality...

And him warping even her mentality

I can't right them

( twinky winky la laa dipsy pohimzz i mean)

[ super simple=  i strip out almost ALL apps,  turn OFF autocomplete,  religiously...i alone am responsible for my many  obvious typos, that wasnt one....  theres writing so as to right rongs...  but no one lets you  fix anything so essy to get right .... i  right good at all that....   is that kick em in the bum, back  ' up wright' ?

.no, right..... what a glorious headfuck of a language ...all i know, no Steve Wright tomorrow morn... Sunday morning meantal illness called lovesongs  time ... first time several decades my only ever wireless music show... .... i think i am going to cry...   the good tears,  her lines artistically refined, so as to guide them down her face... no turbulence...he earned them 20 or more years making us know its all just a mental illness but still the only good one to suffer, never mind why anyones here... even if the English get a bit confused false allegations capitol of the world  - which ibcidentally IS being understood abd spoken of far and eide now... i couldnt care less for the next trend and 4 chan Womans hour fakebook group will be ' i am only alive cos of a rape, so pay up into our pityfund  of a book/ crowdfund/subgroup of the greenparty..' ] ..]

( i know you cant  officially double bracket anything  but.. do i look like i care... ) 

but i can know one...

or even almost all, of hers....just so so good.. i am glad i took care so as to live to live to know how good she is

but why


do hers just work?

" alchemy" such a bullshit word.. ( Alchemist by Potty Paulo is of course good! if only they had spititially dragged that one out of him,  and then tied him to the,  stake and put plenty of white spirit on the kindling, so the 

bonfire of cant filled innanities,

( to my only desired reader  she knows who she is.. if Eckhart didnt steal her mind:  poetical riff on Bonfire Vanities

 famous good yank book film, but i hate literary pretension, so thats just to .. i dunno...  get money from a publisher but theyre ALL zombie*  inhumanity *

so no hope of that...

 the rest of his books, didnt burn the humanity out of his mainly babe audience of ... well disability, 

reverse  evolutionary indesirability

'genius' is much better.. 

but how? 

* and * = they are zombies, but they font even get that act right as zombies one assumes feel no pain  yet every recent speaker on 4 chan writer or publisher exudes only confected pain and sensetivity .  so theres a bit of an incongruity there..


are  either sex on two legs.... the musk money cannot buy or even L'oreal make had they applied Nazi efficiency technique to Anita's fat Body....

........ exuding... THE most wonderful thing ever about someone female... that which seperates the herded bimbos from their shepherd

or the exact opposite:  the end of humanity, herding it iver the cliff.. a high one

i use it in the second sense