Saturday 17 February 2024

 the last one  ( post, via an..edit or ratger judt cant syop fingerjabbingitis) just got a lot more..  ehh...

as the wonderful artist and i riffed on the cliffedge yesteraft ..

" the chubbies.. chunkies... god didnt they get it!!!  corvid... proved... it got em..more than us....  !!" obvious ...ish for even chubby chops such as Anita of the ' Bod' to live on...  lose weight...

hahh thats a good bit of immage control... i know she went chubby...  i have a memory

not allowed if you oggle her


which i have no interest in, but a few days ago did meet the only tuly wonerful interesting one ... magnificent grey silver ..( i have had a walk with only for 5 minutes..on the clif).... 

  " ge whizz excuse me your silver grey mane...up here at near sundown...i saw you from a km you know just how beautiful you ARE!!!!

blahh blahhh...

including nasty foreigner / personal bubble maxiagressor, touching as we spoke 

blahh blahh

" god... metoo... and me many years wandering the proper walks of The Marches  where only proper  walking peeps walk.[ never locals].... no one would dream of putting on perfume or deodorant to go walking... but here if i cross someone from opposite direction on the coastal pathway.... i am HIT in the face almost every time ... the blokes are worse in fact.. the poison oudeur of their poncy body  chemical anti smell  smell ...stuff actually makes me feel genuinely ill..... really horrible!!!!!!!.. " 


she [ about 70] told me something no one ever has

" and do you know why they are doubly stupid...  the  facial skin ages in such a way,  it SUITS... the natural ageing change of hair colour...   ( purple, look up 'puple prose' dear n.f.l... not mum tongue ..) actually means overall  look of hair left to naturally show ' age' a womans face looks  actually much ' younger'...  have you noticed how the dyed ones. . say even in mid 50s,  it all - face and hair combo.. looks just wrong... makes em look uglier"

" cripes... now you put it like that absolutely bingo!!! .. yes....  never mind i am  noncy aesthete only obsessed with sexybeauty for my own devious mentalpicture...ends...  i really never have heard anyone say that  years of 4chanBabesHour...  but i know you are 100% right.... wow... ... really.... one womam my age walking here i met her with her bobble  hat on ... we had long good walk yogether.... saw her a week later  hat off god her short obviously full black dyed hair  changed her whole persona made her look like kim jung ill ..    i didnt want to speak to her,  even if  me obvious lonely loon pickin up grans like you on thecliffs....oi mate im kidnappin her you a bit too Bryan Ferry for her, methinks...shes a true natural beaut... you... hmmmmm... and i knew her age second i got upclose... but compared to the rest she looks still ...early 60s... you wanna be careful mate... loads of v lonelynoldnes round here, skinny too...easy to kidnap ...hahhh hahhh yes i love that sign too" 

( real not made up chat... the interviews will day)