Thursday 1 February 2024

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a word i hatecrime

( for writers, essayists, 'journalists' - the one left, Meghan and Sarah aspecialplace, ( i no longer listen to as even their rather hateful bitching about ither womens appearance ive had enough of forever and proves even tbe one great feminine  mind  left cannot think as we knew 40 years ago tvat what another " human" looks like is not to be derided ,   midwinterish did a good analysis of  latest parlance especially among the under 40s  and no one says " [ newspaper] article" any more even the one writer left with good communication skills, or "essay" .. tjey all just say  even of Guardian articles [ i would only ever read til about 10 years ago,  and even the book reviewers of the sublime  astonishing satire, How To Kill Your Family by Bella fail to notice she attacks so so so so criminally  hatefully the "Guardian" three times in that supreme book, when her ferkin dad was its most famous editor!!!... once a regular in person  bookbuying.customer of mine as it happens  [ he liked comicbooks on cookery,  ..only.. i had a service findi g rare impossible to find  thoughtful books, nope Bellas dad paid me loads for collectable  cookbooks...  ] ]..which should be called " comicbook"     ...  are " a post in The Guardian" ....meaning a front page headline now just called a 'post' and as a snob i hate to use that word but...  it is the only word  they now know.

 no point fighting the great dumbing down,  race to the lowest common denominator bottom,  that better minds knew was the future thirty years ago and oftem spoke of...

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for my early readers, sorry... i just operate yo li ited power availability EXTREMELY quickly no time to think or edit ever

and i dont false flatter ANY one...

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( dont compute on nice days! they are " time to be outside in the IV especially in winter" )

( religiously.)

 ( i cannot go to libraries any more the worst inhuman trite talk top of their voices, valuing no other human,  is TOO much) 

.. to tart up and sort this  all out .... one day ( 'kairos' shortcut lovely word for all of Ecclesiastes 3 in one... acedia not shortcut word for all Christians i have ever known in person... and all other practitioners of any 'system'  ... except.... her, she just a copycat for clicks to pay for her  ..

 whatever... keeping up with the Joneses of Pastyland who have SUCH expensive habits ...... all modernity became  )