Thursday 1 February 2024

A real Jonothan,

 seaguls at dawn 

And as if to show right on schedule just how useless the rest of 'them' are ... those

chréts...  (Froguille = grenouille, perfectly mixed with a tad of English [ the other 'nations' could never do it] parody  that takes away all oxicness  be it t type or n ...)

(the way every lass from the suburbs of Worcester, especially those setting up fraudulent  charlatan ' healing' operations in Hay, Hereford, Clun ( audio yesterday aft) , Presteigne ( not so much bullyboy bullneck   Brexity Kington, as those locals tend to duff up  those on high horses and pinch their  100  quid  designer [" i will die if i am not 'hydrated' every 5 mins"] hipbeltswaying gourds   for  drug money ) adopted 'pagan'  and especially 'Celt' over the last 20 years..

.......when they wouldn't know what the first day of spring is cos [ this is true!] they are up til 4am online setting up yet more Fakebook  deceit for clicks n prophet... so only make it up by teatime ( all that making it up all night rather draining even they may have souls that sense themselves being corrupted)

( its as if they never knew their platforms have a timestamp....   early 2021 especially, every dawn would be one of mirth and merriment as i would  have a look if the ' GREEN' goddesses of the region i knew in person would gave anything new to say such as [ audio or video  few days ago on what we do NOT see is so interesting!] ... " now we all us aware peeps have so much free time maybe we can at least create alliance ... groups  of allies at 2 m apart  in the park as to deal with truly fucked rivers of all The Marches...  devestated wildlife .. deliberate lawbreaking councils and farmers cutting hedgerows  prior the legal watershed"  ... but no, many a morn some desperate new initiative put up ... you could smell their desperation and 4am timestamp  sickness exhaustion " join Dot / ××× / xxx for yupersweet yummy bhealing brighteyed online yoga and gojii berries for our divine aware heathy healthiness... 'donations' to our community  paypal...  in my name" industrial complex, that is not ... monkey see monkey do is a useful phrase we have had for decades.... as is ' which doctor ' ... not the one you cant get an appointment with even if dying of fatfolk heart! ... i can save! even with non existant potions in the ether like energy and  ... wow newword ... i was looking up homeopathy but ee even have oligotherapy RUN! ...I dont think that one is on Foulmouth Natural Store, massive wall of ' healers' board yet......) 

(i do care about as just ignoring 99% of bodily tjings and i am 100% so lerfectly in tune with mine i notice every cute little movement... but smiling at them and not caring one jot! is such pleasure  and real ' health'... but its heretical to even say so..i know as i have in public for about 10 years.... why i have no real friends......  all think you are wonky... funny that as all my age know i am FAR healthier and younglooking and acting,  than they are by far!!)

...... is really problematical... ' Celt' is THE most fraudulently coopted of all words - over and above absurd ' alchemy '  ' shaman'  and the rest that of that  ' tribe' of wordy  vudu gobbledygook  ..

that only hobbles 

her fine mind


anyway as if to prove how awful all the rest are

' time to die' .. lionfood

... or rather as they tend to be so chubby    feed em to the beseiged and  genocidally starved Mussies...

but hark 

... one to '  save'!! .. proving the rest may just be salvageable ..


I am im love with a 


off the wireless

oops well a click is a click is a link

one day i shall make  mine look all pretty and cool, aesthetically... hipster compliant looks..

but not yet

Prayer for today

" time to snuggle up and hibernate " what a truly sane  superb chret !! proving the rest as unable to think, but they could if they 


cos winter  partial hibernation is the truly best thing for the thinking mind

( i scaraficed this one, gone,  i so hoped to be silent and still .... except walks.. much of it..

and loads of 10 hr kips....  but wasted it  thinking of any last  key to the only other thinking mind i met...)