Tuesday 27 February 2024

Proof, if one can ever

 FOOTNOTE.. pondering sat in the sun

( my personal deathcult lonely tragedy is i know in my life i have met few foxes. There arent any born n bred  in YUK...   she is the only one i have found for some years

 " bugger your institutions, i eschew them now forever,  they are not for me"  words to that effect, she rit   .. she DID mean

is 100% fox. 

me ive always been 200% fox always, eg long ago i  see both sides of even Wittgenstein changing his mind " maybe...maybe a bit of each of his minds is the way it is " is me) 

end of footnote


ohh yes happiness, 

I am not Mr Hedgehog,   Ms flippin rotten wood...

The greatest science of a time i thought i had lost. 

10 or so years ago, but i was then distracted and failed to make a few notes

New meta research shows foxes are right, hedgehogs wrong. Those who are hedgey like Dawkins  who pimp one big idea, AND are usually very charming and quite sexy if you are a lost La La.. [ i would sit at Hay fest of hedgehogs watching how they would eye candy Dawkins if he was piped onscreen to their posh cafes]... if yuu have charm and CERTITUDE about your ' big idea' in science or art or politics or whatever ... 

compared to the waffly noy very confident   uncharming

 ' maybe' of Stephen Jay Gould lovely chap...  a fox

 in time it was proven the foxes are a fair bit more likely to Be .... right

meta study analyis of many areas of science and politics

i thought i had lost as try googling " hedghog fox science" all the fairytale crap made it impossible to find it...

until yesterday



to do propper  one day


Across a wide swath of political prediction tasks, he showed that in many cases “foxes”—those who don't base their predictions on one principle, but instead use several pieces of information even when they are somewhat contradictory—tend to make more accurate predictions than do “hedgehogs”—who favor one big idea and ...


but thats typical yank  crapthink....

a people who cannot get off their high horse and join simple dots ..

the original science was far more" human" .. about personalitt,smiley quotient etc...

but in fact  yesteraft dead, nothing to do...

splendid innadequate refferences in the saturday eve prog i found

at last!!

i can die now


Back to the EU

So, now Pilger gone we really only seem to have Oborne... he makes an effort to try and Be honest about some of the past

To be cont