Tuesday 27 February 2024

Why EU


nope this ( video) is NOT about Gaza

 because there is nothing useful one can say about Gaza

Anyway it is about the untold fuller story of the real life genocide [ light] sss.. .. of the Middle East from 1947 for a few years then.... it's miss-titled even if best talk ive heard for years..[ lasternight]

yawn ..

yawn yawn, even if super scholarly yawn...


if one puts aside prejudices thinking the near or middle eastern lands were a load of hobos in tents or ' camelfuckers' to quote my ex friend's,  family of part Pakistern ones, in reference to her Moroccan beau :-).. she did make me laugh though   telling me that in 2022..

...And thinks.

Mr Pappe's simply magnificent book and talk. ( a true Israeli  Jew born and bred)

For which he has proudly suffered, but like a real man considers it no suffering..

Both are being slightly word policing, in debating  cause effect etc., ref mass murder seemingly in excess of, say, Croat / Serb .. all for land and power... of '47  '8 and on...

to summarise the video: a REGION of 7 or 8 countries/ states...  all fairly sophisticated and with plenty of arms, money and connections with Western countries, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, etc... and the original land called Palestine, and then new state being founded by the Zionists around 47.. .. yes we all know Jewish people arent all by any means zionists and many disagreed with the objectives of the zionist statemakers 

so '46 or 47 Brits with useless lazily created treaty decide to withdraw from the region AND ( critically Pappe's truly great work, describes) the Brits- the power at the time, not only turn a blind eye to many many many terrible  massacres and obvious 'ethnic cleansing's - bordering on ' genocide' - worse than any poor Serbs may have ever committed ( even if Croats started that hobby   first!! )  .. by the zionists - new Israeli state, on the  raggety locals .  .. but they even suppress it getting out into world media  at the time... scholarly enquiry proves 100%

But Pappe makes it  clear the real massacres and ethic cleansing far worse than history records... 

And subtly they bring in the fact that  the world powers kind of turned a blind eye to the inhuman massmurderous behaviour of zion as 'they ' had had such a hard time just a few years earlier.. in the hollocaust.. 

I believe Pappe and Oborne

i believe few scholars...

So what, old news... long dead villages of poor Pallies who dont even have graveyards, as zion built kibbutzes over them.. 

But what really is the use in this story?.. history...

Stand back and think:

 6 or 7 countries.. some a bit warlike and bonkers... one in particular, fairly well armed - Zion, they must have been to  'win'... In short a range of grotesque 20th c well armed power and land  play...  

And NO " community"  of states pledging to start from fresh,  to forgive the past... to start with a blank powerful uncynical new UNION... "all for one one for all...  


stop forever all the past madness

and where do we have that?

germany ( where in FACT many Nazi party highups were left in place to govern Germany well into the late 40s as there was no one else who could do the job   )  once fascist bloodthirsty Spain, Italy  etc etc... 

 created a real club  as closely as they could so that WE... no one else, WE will not be bombing and raping and eating each other... ever again.

What is NOT in the Pappe talk/ book is... religion.... late 40s Middle East issues were not about Jesus good Mohammed bad...even if all sky fairies equally nuts ..

  it hardly figures!

land power money land ..  for a home.. blahh di blahh....

just like Europe

Europe decides on a SOLUTION.. 


which was the main original objective of the EU set out soonish after ww2..  band together as closely as possible even with all ex enemies and Jen oh Ferkin Ciders...

And Be one

Marry,  even if the honeymoon may include a lot of blood and uncertainty as to which hole works .. and certainly if Eckhart were around " youre a ferkin narcissist for not smiling post coitally, as sickly as he does in my Tube" 

and figure the rules later..

.....that WORKED!

the region not fortunate enough to have  followed that master stroke of real humanity

no real propper  club or union

is still at odds all over ( egypt wont let dying Pallies move in... they hate Pallies almost as much as Zion just wants all the land.... hotheaded Hezzies..be they proxy Irannies or whatever....etc )

what an ultimate  argument for the wedded and other forms of 'bliss' 'manifesting' real fuckin " human" ity...  of the thing that ... WORKED

and rightly Croatia, Serbia and others.... " yes please!! we Be lieve in this community as it WORKED"

all my absurd silly English once friends think the arguments were about ' control' bananas and farming...

Israel, oops sorry unplanned far right powermen ...Nuttyyahoo's mates... Zion or not... tragically nowadays  turning their own lovely peeps into raging  Jens ...  

Egypt saying " fuck off and die" to their neighbours who are dying up the road... and just want a cup of fresh water

The Hezzies, will they or wont they..  ( probably, maybe)

All as intelligent,  and even if Swiss Bank, wealthy,  as Europe.. of the 40s  and 50s

just cos they DONT have an arsey union of all hating each other from within the same gorgeous big 450 million humans " together"  in the same marrige


Still arguing whether the banana should be straight or bent and which hole will be more fun, for the greater number .. and should inadvertant latent

 baby babanas

 be abortable or not

 if lovely 


and  those without THEIR equivalentish proper club/ gang/ union...still dying in tens of thou and.. And likely will agaim and again and again....all of us know there is no 'solution'.

And pipsqueek Britain pissed on that....

THE only thing in the developed world that really really DID work.. .

If one uses the example of a not so different region, not so far away, with just as much post marital lethal foreplay that's just got worse and worse...where.. 

they didnt have the genius idea,  even if it probably sounded bonkers at the time.. 


 ' union'