Saturday 17 February 2024

revisit ( bongo bongo land)

 ( no point visiting any real place)

( no point 'grounding' onesself to this land, as thoughtless Mcgilchrist demands)

( i lied, yesterday,  by accident " when we were young it was maybe 1 or 2% of us who were wonky, nowadays its 50%"; real truth, i saw this week even my young friend of ten years,   and finest mind, adoptee - 29 he will be now, gone...  five under 30s i have had under my wing a little the last 14 years-  guiding them through the world affairs and mental explosions of  ecocide, brexit or before;  then each one " my mental ill health" all gone... all ... by our standards,

 ill.. all ... the true number 100%)

( as so many times before - 2006 the first occurance; if i awake too early,  be regretful, only 8 hours is fully up and at it only with a smile.  Put on the World service.... 0427...

 Senegal, going wonky, but on comes the man on the,  ground...  

from about 25 minutes in  for 10 minutes, no confected self pity, no emotional charmy fake implication

just clear coherent words, from a ' developing'  nation

if only she knew... that man from deepest darkest ..... well no not really 

and certainly no one's former colony

 ...  speaks  and communicates so beautifully and accurately, richley,  in his adopted English language, like no one i ever hear in this  tongue tied, mindfuck of a mental case, place....  

we need our beautiful comunicatresses,  and her " hiraeth" and "ascetic" .. but even she could never compliments, 

" your English finer than anyone born and bred,  i ever hear, for many a year"

based on decades of actual real... discernment, 

i dont do charm, so i dont do..


meanwhile back to...

Her face


I am sure she was farming stock. 

Her hair,  of course i, didnt mention...

Had i broken the spell,  of only contemplation

" excuse me, 

i hope you dont mind me mentioning,

 this brilliant sun,   you stood there 

.. all i notice

your hair, blazing  fulsome stark silver steel,  shouting out, hairdye the stupidest ever invention

this little square of showoff  moters, porsches rollers, so many number plates costing twice the price your humble old contraption..

i only see only one glorious work of well earned human  celebration...     " 


Her face

how to capture all of it

soft well fingered washboard of 

.... hmm


perhaps one has to earn...  her regularity of ridge and valley

I had the strongest notion she had