Sunday 4 February 2024

shit ...good job i have my head screwed on.. and listened to my " daddy" still

 ( do they teach the London bird pickup lot, of course you need a huge boot to stuff in all the Natural Store shoppin bags blessem so we understand... rural ways? i bet not as theyve all that hotyoga ...pants, latest fashion stripes.. to shop for from dawn... you always leave a vehicle on a slope in the opposite gear to the slope, good job my mind always works just fine...despiye them all.. filling it... with THEM.. the idea of course.. )

as this cliff edge 


 has a backwards 'leaning in' ..a zenned man always listens to his head screwed on propper as a fine old stand in dad ...[ ralph]  de

cades ago drilled it in

and i checked twas out of gear ..before turnin the quay

or i eouldnt be able to  

.... one day get away

sounds nice !!

i forgot 

tbey have fabulous gin clear unpolluted seas

and may be on my ' side'  too...  

actually new great wird... nemesis

a nemesis but also the opposite of nemesis in one beautiful lined face

as Aunty Nem... sets you entirely free .. yruly fully flying freest...

even if i bet she wishes the exact opposite

so Be it.. not my problem