Sunday 4 February 2024

wow, Double Eureka...

 ( as another moaner is sitting " crosslegged like confucious"  on the wireless at 0850

... a REAL WOMAN...told me ... yes she is a heritic Gweek..a snake in your prozac and cocaine infused piss stained grasses..." god these stupid birds just performing at [ expensive]  workshops  its an illness they have"    )

If i can manage to quite  successfully even [ not-  i am taken] chat up Gwerk  born and bred ( in Hampstead) types in launderettes..

i could do it...

if i get some more clicks

get my desrved digital nomad Croatian residence permit ( theyre the essiest to  charm)

and as Voltaire knew, keeping the faith in even a frenzied ' gaol him' bird... sharpens the mind

.. to wander those lovely unpolluted coastal Criatian  Isles  not bothering to share the taiks of how surfers against sewerege  fail as they never do anything adult like pucket the sewers or take legal cases out.. just  bumper stick their smug shit on carbon guzzlin ever bigger vans

explaining to them how Serbian " birds" are ...

or to get Dickensian, likely their kids have heard og him,  rather than only Andrew  Tate, as here.. 

 ("hear ye .. Croats")

 it is a far far better thing..." 

to love  the real "warrior" birds...  a Serbian one..

than one of your  limpwristed ( her sinewy  one i like even if yuded to fake being naturewoman. .. as so many do i accept ) ..   dodgy  imposters.. .. 

even if ... ( think of a line later.. even if a whole new blogsized  imagined story has just come to mind) 

i could do it... and will...