Friday 16 February 2024

So, note to self

 .. find the bit yesterday

" 95% of beds .. filled to overbrimming...... but loads within,  quite alright, ready to go home...



becsuse they have no one to go home, to"

Labour  will get narcissistic


wont  even stop to think...

What ' policy' or simply


May bring in reality.



Now some newcomer may have a certain exact type in mind

Some sweet stringbag carrying,  only pleasant never,  even  for many years a parking ticket, type

( like me

 until 203)

....... ehhhhhh... 



Lived 20km from my last home cave

ohh we see we have a google autofil

" angie zelter activism for life"

her ' pension'

It won't have the only paragraph that matters, as we hear Lockheed Martin,  world record new sales figures this morn

missing bit

Ten years ago a truly wonderful   100% pure, even recovering  Chretien,  official top wellknown  bellringer, younger  meat, extremely fit... never used a chemical on her whiffy bod, but totally establishment acceptable - even an ex top award winning  fascist girlie army cadet via her unique name on google,     for her own  cause: ... who to now Be? ... having been rescued from the Chret cult..... is looking at a poster, a largeish one,  in Knighton. Angies.  ' Join our anti arms trade community bus to London fir a day if activisming'  

" hey y'old goat... i want to learn about her...  her cause.... and ..maybe  take say if anyone just may be,  she is pure ... so..... lets email for information as she asks.."

Two weeks ... two unanswered  emails later......

... really was the end. as so so often the case with these ragged mermaids fingers so covered in sticky  wank i have never even known one to manage the communication... they ask for

( and that one really did..matter.... in a gentrified region, the local youth and under 40something slave class so infantalised sucking up to Surrey incomers ... that as AandC well well knew...  managing to get  even a couple of under 50s  ' engaging' and Be coming.... ' empowered' by even coming to a meeting of the regional social democrats gathered to hold up .....failure in local democracy... or to do ANY eco work to protect their environment a miracle

And five years  later... also seeing her  crew... 

one so up close and personal... what a moment! ( get out my interview,  at Angie's side....its historical really.... i turn even a viscious smiley  assuming  mad cow  making nasty public personal comments about someone she has never nmet....into a new real teary, ( oh my god... you have done that and know rhat... real activistitis pain.. blub blub blub...)  even if later history shows the usual fake... but for a year real friend..with whom i went handscything ...just the two of us..)

The main henchbave  2018 .. RUNNING the green meetings  ..the best one ever...even i impressed... " everyone this is by far the most HOPEFUL good enegy meeting by far ive ever been to.." 

but guess what, all her whiteboard lists ...

coloured pens even... 

tiedie ...redolent

afront fifty of us

some in fact county council

they.. the bastardocracy ... will have noticed how,   a year later

not one of her " our list of ten action points rahh rahh" : ... focus grouped pledges in public

Did Camilla,   Angies pet

even manage to email us had been a 


nit even pot plant bixes outside the shop windows ... top 

if the " how to green knighton" pops

.. meanwhile back in the unreal  fantssy world where one who does what he says

and has emergency first aid  recycled

 on standby in a bucket

now i know why they came to me

too busy, yesteraft

to fill up my water bots...