Friday 16 February 2024

A middle aged would be writer ...superb useful tales to tell
( for us all, universally,
" like the so gorgeous For The Love of a Son... Miryam helped me!!"  )
irrespective of brownplace mother tongue..

cannot listen, many a time... "  seventeen years....   you speak with her oy maybe two hours in total....cannot you take in ALL messaging.. you are now barraking her your beloved lost lass  with...... when we have a far better real way to bridge to her..... 
.. all.... fails....  
rushing out the book.. of ... her birth,  for her...may succeed...

do not use digjtal on me ever...
.. i am available to you for face to face
.. lets get to it
i shall have every word of your story in my head
 like juggled lotus petals smelling only of authentic love

it will stay juggled 
2 weeks

in 2 weeks i firget you ever existed

late ladt night ... by their deathapp
" let me explain why...."



but would she also underdtand

sometimes one must 

' complexify so as to [ eventually]  super ultra...simplify...'

thats subtle, and grown ups  train themselves to .... make it come true.

I now have

god a year ago....!!! now i dont even need to try and keep my  many notepads
in the sun