Wednesday 28 February 2024

stopped.. shut up y' old Karat ( i do love that hebrew word but she, dusky israelite, wont help explain to me nuance)


cos i didn't notice yet again a vid a day or so back  i didnt set to viewable...


Anyway an even bigger big one.
( but THE only question for years that in any way interests me, and is interesting....
 so, i told her " i record all my calls "
as ... you knever know in YUK...
but then it became
"  just how fabulous our stories  bounce off each other... and two who value real truth.. we are warrioring into it... great lovestory for you to write one day if you want.. or maybe Tightrope may do better,  as bloody menses are involved and womans hour have only just discovered them... "

"  but really....and only i care ... only about you , i told you that.... because for a relationship coach,  never mind a finest mind.... there are ' inconsistencies' say the least.... may Be you need to do real 'work' from what we both know is two peeps, too long no purpose..... on your... consistency...."
 ( slightly expanded,  obviously meant,  few lines one eve... no one gets me digitaling after tea time unless thyre v important)

But... any English woman would have never again engaged.
Someone.... carried on consuming me... a lot. which is ' engaging' to say the least....
how interesting.... how sad... as well.

What isnt interesting, and is very sad,  as i guarantee the data is fraudulent, on Today

" wowsahhh...  mindfulness workshops  aid dealing with the Men O' pause.. forever" 

i will duel  anyone  .. they are wrong this would actually aid even the ' change'    

the art of actually relating to fix yer ferkin self in a grown up way

more than a tip, I was impossible to fix fully, but yhen something horrid weird happened...and i know its the key... a real solid   well built hull on a quay,  to the soul...
i cant make cash from cos its so SIMPLE.. here for free.

Mindfulness. Zen. Authentic REAL healing. Free. And It WORKS. ( or sue / arrest me)

or google drive mp3

and in audio only on youtube

n.b. i never have uttered the words " please like, subscribe..." on youtube,  or " can you spare a dime guv..." 

even if this post and uploads cos 2 or 3 quid in battery charge to upload all,  and  5 or 6 hrs in  time...

i would rather work through the substack - free, no signin, as it's quicker to upload at my end.. but folk seem shy of it?
you clearly need mindfulness treatment...

AFTER : fabulous bug still in charge 

and now stop stop stop...
and go back

The above live alongside this
audio in google drive in link below

i didnt know our last ever chat. 
Sunday 25th feb, prior bug, super hurried
last chat  of 100s with Suz. 

 yet again lies ( nothing to do with me..) 2 years of
 " definate funding for  large arts 
centre  [ Leominster ] where we  find the new Joan Osborne.."
a year i nudged folk into..

..... no hope..  i knew that  months ago...

but its a two way thing, all those who " wow great i will go have a cuppa with her maybe it will end up as great REAL job ... for me.." y all being ill with ( the bad version of) people pleasing... they are part of it murdering the ' synergy' that may have caused her to change, too... and ever follow through her  quite ethical plans 


only back through time, now..

she [ here live action] used to be silent... " ohh i like you . you alone respect other ' humans'.... .. " 
how foolish i am not to have thought give a woman in admin and/ of.. personality control,  a Zoom account and a screen of 4 of them staring at her.. and she becomes all noisy girly... even here.  the place where she alone was previously so so...quiet...

She would benefit from the above... but of course its not valuable as you dont even need me on zoom 

( hahhh hahh she sells workshops!! i hear... not mensheds, but pimpin
the endless Ponzi...
 all wafflin at each other for.... [ her new laptop a 1 grander..] ...  ). .