Wednesday 28 February 2024


 ... even more dangerous, the smug, always fat .. " community" volunteers...

One 4 or 5 months ago.. clucking around waddling in a formal public space for the starving classes

so so so ( the word should be reserved for when it is real) 

narcissistically .. self assured.. so knowing  ( in chronicle i dont lie)

to someone  really needinh ' help' 

" ohh that new law is stopping all that now... you cannot be ' no fault' [ gentrified] evicted....  "

Around the same time in chronicles. ...

 " you may be religious bigot sky fairyist house inheritorist,   who never allows your missus to answer the phone .. but at least you have a real mind unlike ALL local green volunteers or lazy ones who dont want to campaign so just open their gob to people please.....   and we both know the 3 or 4 years advertised Tory law on no fault evictions will NEVER go through... no matter how many times they PR con  the BBC to make pieces saying it has, or is imminent..." 

 " greg.. did you hear the wireless this morn....  its being stopped before it even started.." 

I should, would if i had a helpmeet .

.. . cos its a social responsibility.... go and politely refer that " community" worker... 

" that poor woman you told the law already protected her from end if 6 mths evictions... you may wish to refer her to the Today prog today... a sane person hears the fact in it: it never was law and no way in reality ever will be...  missinforming people really  in a mess is worse than telling them to fuck off and die no one cares   "

your country

not mine