Saturday 17 February 2024

the end, i long ago begun

 only real ecothing their Merm deadfishsmell goddess Polly ever did... when i met her 

2010 at her bloke's lying " community" eco talk ( fully covered in july waffle here).. only there as free 

" excuse me.....ive been sat behind you an hour...  too sad to go for my daily swim in the sterile river Wye down the way... all this eco fraud Hay Festival and Hillary enterprises prostituting the same old  verbal sewerage launching a money back lawsuit on Hayfest i'm putting it on twatter later today... they will see ...i went years to listen to the fake  green goddesses  chatterin 

at a tenner a time....

while they just shoveled more  chemical laced shit into the river just below..  could i take a photo if your lovely silver grey mane... it is the only real thing here.. and truly gorgeous cheered me up no end"

a backshot... a good one

without her painted on smile... that failed to ever achieve anything real.... just another self reverential fancy word .. 'ecocide' copyright a dead

Polly the parrot

You gotta fly like a real  feverer rent,  tango

 " bird" to make any real " change"