Tuesday 13 February 2024

The health food shop

 The .....

( so many of these recorded 3 years, no time in ' empowerment' central where all they fo is moan loudly about their snivvles...to get to them yet... as art)


The 3rd Granary
three in my life, 40 years.
No more
the ONLY polite and helpful non arsey  trader left in the whole  land... 

get back to only nature, me...fool..

The Health Food shop was once HEALTHY

Mark this day, The waste tons of natural resources on your
Shop... dead
Better if it had never lived.

Lets be clear Anita Rodick sold out to the....soap makers

to the Nazis



just as Hay  megga Festival  had Nestle.. babypowder pimps to Africa ... which terminates adult life sooner as all the science knew for decades as ........as main sponsor 3 years

to our shame. ( as we would  often natter about in the Health Food Shop of hay before the rich London ultra merms bought it)

Saudi sponsors the ' womens football team'


point: if the 'ethical' goddess cannot retain any values when it comes to 653 million quid...

so as to set good  example ... 

YUK died the day she .... 

to Be cont

oh fuck..... Steve Wright...

but i listened to him play Oh Lori on Sunday Luvsongs!

Happily ... last Sunday...at  my fave atch

.. a lovely balmy morn and Steve in best form

They wont say " THE only man who could speak the greatest language ever, the only natural remedy there ever was, i hope it translates to SerboCroat...


The genius of the sardonic


i dont shock easily... or get sad at ... hmmmm...