Tuesday 13 February 2024

that was " i shall define moral" - the 'transcript'

 old...but a story in itself

social services already have...even if not here

no not THERE

i have to go there...

safer than here

Meanwhile i have a year to go back over..it may LOOK dull, but...it aint

June last... 

The acedia is at new levels...

She wrote " i no longer wish to be allied with or work with institutions..." or very close words to effect = love

But try actually using public spaces in UK

it isn't the folk from the institutions that are the problem...

If there is ne reason that forces me to a begging bowl, it is the in "humanity" 

For several years, at the top of their voices... top, not medium

(i only " fuckety fuck" to the fabulous young woman as i saw already she was super relaxed... i am not like that usually - theatrically fuckety fucketing...)

3/4 of conversations TOP of voices in any library

about their ILLNESSES... endless - i simply cannot take one more... (ther rest about bimbo consumer activity )

 in interview i only stuck that in AND exaggerated to attempt to ram it home.... for HER benefit

but they cannot ever listen...

even if the stories of working in the hills for the merm lot are... 3 books by DH Lawrence