Tuesday 20 February 2024

The lezzies and I


 ...stood and stared...

At least even if dishonest, they 'cared',  were honest, now no one can care.

Even NZ full of Gwerk type notparented kids... killing other...kids.

Right... thats it... even if loads of other stuff in the can  still to Be

here soon...

And infill


( will the only likeable one have pondered "  you should invent some new words.. i agree , English so many words and meanings, yet so curiously limited in things itoo would like to say,  i like that ' i was born into the wrong language  mother tongue '.."  

" ehh up lass... well i think we both agreed .. the new radio 4chan word for Mills N Boon...  as you say you shall not Be creating any new shelf labels  so as to sell yet more utterly awful so called English literature...  pimped by now only women who wouldnt know a good book if... whats his name in that one YOU not me recalled the title of...in the sadomorass.. of fifty tjousand useless ones a year..fifty shades of bruises after whacking  your bottom  with a truly bad book you little  wink wink...Vix...en.....")

I stop

Mr Stop

Defo stop  with them lezzes.. perfect absurdist Noncy  Python wrigglin up ones ragged  trousered leg...

But theres a load of bits still to be..put in place, a poem to a poet yesteraft is one...  of many

But zen 

is a faulty fuel guage

"May Be i am at zero? 

"May Be not"

And not able to even risk charging one spare battery.. saving the may Be ? only 3 litres to get to the station .. 

Gosh how nice to spend a whole evening / night not even touching

no power

any horrid little digital



I felt "human" again