Sunday 11 February 2024

Their 'name'; i will sell mine

To Be cont...

( wont get to socket til another day, to..)

.... we of the fortunate not to have been born, Third Reich.... of course never heard her voice.... Anne Frank


But 2 billion muslims, may well... and as a non narcissist i know how they will feel in their boots,  in the week i spent 5 hrs with a woman who hasnt seen hers,   she lost a year older, for 17 years... 

the pain never goes away and so so much work .. real work not self obsessed fuckin Merm workshop ' work'  on the self... will have to be done,  to save generations of little Israeli girls in retribution,  or even...  blah blah blah

I do know only better rhetoric is the start..  i hear none. Someone needs to start though... with  authority, no man has any more...  and it wont be the Spice Girls