Sunday 11 February 2024


 oops... i started to jot this yestermorn

... i have no idea who all these youtube subscribers are a foolish moment ( never second guess,  a rule i long ago discovered... especially of any "bird" tragically stuck Be ing so digital...  so old hat ...started 15 years never works... any digital that is i wish wiser immos maybe could just figure, no wise YUKKERS  left)

i clicked on one ..Justine

features as her first playlist song, i like this, good stuff... 

but even in a cave, bleedin sunglasses ..

both of them...

just makes you wonder... 

And remind, sunglass season will i guess start here soon... how horrid

i feel so sorry for this absurd in" human" modern sheep behaviour, eyes Be ing as we all would say in saner times -   even when i was about 16, " eyes, windows of the the soul"

two way