Saturday 17 February 2024

" they shot my grand in the bonce.."

 kindof all we need to know about history.. 

 fourty years on she has shot them in the head

( i only  pick the ones with his helpmeet innit... i no cynic  " Patti ruined him/it.." bullshit she made him)

(cant find one of them duetting that one... hahh hahh maybe he rit it about a huff they had and she hadnt got a truly enlightened sense if humour  after all.... and is still punishing him...)

so the blokes joined the arms race,  she Anita rather ramped up...

you can in fact smell one of the cliff " birds" at about 5 metres in general... 

the blokes often so whiffy, its 10 

( how i have suffered emigrating to this bird perch... of rotten wood... real suffering!)

And then a Homeric 20 year cycle ride on,  she sells out to the ones shot the  big shots in the  head in first place

oops wrong link oh well

How did the acquisition by L Oréal affect the ethical image of Body Shop discuss the problems Body Shop face following the takeover?

image...  " for the English to see" 

portuguese saying of 100 years

and then the ultra child abusing Merms ..

note to self ( far too much happens in my non life its rediulous i want a year of nothing at all new in any way.) 

do get that 1000 pages of her Merm manifesto  up, in her own  admittedly ratger sexy scribble

" i damage my children" ... none of her HayMerm friends cared to actually DO anything to assist

even to help a dying Dolphin.. just see them...once... hopefully That Kings cancer will take him off even more swiftly than the " few months to live"

oops errata you dont even wish Nuttyyahoo a splinter in his press the but finger . ... furthermore  another ...

( to a Serb,  an enlightened modern young Brit...ALL of us... called their dad The Duke Of Drainpipe.. only fit for  funneling unwanted waters away.  ... we hated every second of Diana... were ashamed....  not my country this.... in fact my first propper " bird" a real woman... sweet humble went to Gildsmiths, studied then became an OT- they were real Jones of Arcs ...  bought ne a Charles and Di  wedding mug for a birthday.. " whats this for...ironic gifting Jack's? " for you to keep by the bed Simes   ... puke up into if you drink too much and cant make the loo")

defo dying Dolphin..  their dad's 'Rainbow Tribe'

given name