Saturday 17 February 2024

ut i shuldda hugged im...

 i mean if i woz a poet

or i ritah...

what material! the best of all about ... thinking

there we were ... her little paintings were giving me a lil' old sublime.... like real... smelling every vapour from her splendid  frantic insouciance

litt'rin her ascetic 

cave'n floor

Enteting every sense of me, having thought nonsense of her

And in the corner of my eye

shit man!  a swiveleye

she didnt see

five minutes he lingered. .

he came to one side of her cave ... staring at us

then around  the other.... 

Why i mentioned, "my my rather a lot of craven druggies round here"

referencr Him from central casting.. she had no idea

But even worse, than a hairy  Lurch   hovering around us with Broadmoor escapee eyes...boring holes into mine as if no cliffside aromatic danger existed next to him, he meant it! ...... ..... as sure as ferrits are more human than Lewis Carol, our wonderful chat was miraculously lasting.. ..." the issues"  

( " mum" audio few weeks ago).

And he goes and sticks his Nozehair heavy,  wild one in ...

thoughbubble god why is there no peace from these towny,  needies, fuck off. .how can i make him!?

but when.. only five minutes in... he got to

" Ron.. seal, bum bum"

no one's made me laugh like that



for a long time

thought aint fact

And the mist beautiful of all pics... no not by her Sanctuary
he got his little phone out and showed me a pic.... i never seen anythin like it
" no mate... walking these southern cliffs all these months... i only seen a dead one from the coke'nprozac piss 
and i broke into The Sanctuary once..   saw a few encaged... "
.... " jesus you took that this morn....its truly joyful.... theres hundreds... all happily snuggled up like kippers in a peapod ....sanctuary  beach only of seals...hundreds. .  gee... ehere?"