Thursday 15 February 2024

To Be...


As i have THE last line now in my head... of 



Journey to nowhere 


But all the baddies in Homer's rather dull version, lined up in formation, doin a step dance to Serbian warsongs, wont Be able yo not


when they read it, in cyclops case he can stand in the queue 

behind every Merm i ever meet - met another yoday... suffering so so  suffarage the look in their eyes...with


and wait for the Large script version

or mummy to do her  bloody job and teach

 em to read from being a nipper...

the hard real version,  in books, not from her phone

I know it.. the end line for the  "end times" all the religious bigotratti secretly crave

Better than ALL of Dante... even better than The great travelogue, into two old duffers in a a boat

after rather a long wait..   

I had the oerfect ioening line for my recently ceased addiction of brown women... thinking they were grown up  and above all white trash throwing up on it before taking themselves out to throw in the river

Today in fact. 

Stop day... i have only the Israelite...left

( ots fuckin human rights innit... doin what the UN fail to do Britain snidily undermining their foundation by gaslight....

... selling your name in my case always hated, on ebay.... fuckin ooman rights...... 2 billion  crazed rageds out there...loadsa buses to kidnap....  'passports please'..... . )

" Ad enough of even my brown girl people pleasers.....junk i believe comes in several shades...but theres only one size if small spon all you need....." 

The one if late, you could get a bigbucks publishing deal on just MY ghostrit first line..

"   They tried to kill me  twice... before i was even born... just for Be ing.. a girl" 

" cripes its such a shame your not a lezzie... Front Row would do a whole show on just that first line befire you even get to the first edition. " 

But my ladt line, for this... or if i ever get interrupted

Is a far far far better


i know i did



.... meanwhile, clarifications, mermaiditis is a " for the English to see [ portuguese aphorism]" local geographical condition.

Only born here,  get onto the soundtrack, cos i only deal in innate Mermaids...

Not even one of those babas crawled  off quick from the " Serbian bbqs.".. all the way here

Could ever be quite so " traumatised", or bloody lined with the worst of heritages .. and adopt or catch or copycat or sharp shovey tsbgo elbowed oppourtunistically fake Be ing one... Mermaidism isnt like faking ' shamanism' for better Fakebook coverage... keeping up ( no hope) with the locals....of Devon... even worse

industrial supersized frauds

Mermaidism  is 


not even a yank can be a Mermaid

i mean we all know that whatserface Naomi Klein cant wank off  at reruns  of her speaches, shes giggling at her  bad acting skills,  too much 

Mermaidism is only possible

 in one geographical

 location. . 

funny little aisle

they all hate so much

deep down they'll sell their scales

for trinkets 

just to get anywhere but here...

or have the option, one day...

i thonk anthropologically there is only one distinct zone

such shit weather


more expensive tickets off than nice europeans doing same journey


cant hitch down from Stockholm to ...anywhere


in such conditions 

evolution can turbo boost

and mergeth the fishes back genetically as one


 their cousin

scaley ones

... Chamelon Anglorediculous... 


you gotta Be

of this land  from day one

every one of which

 it takes for fullest propogation

 and  hothouse  germination 

and  ultimate manifestation

 of something

no foreign " bird" could  fake

as sure as ferret are ferrets ..  ( GOOGLE IT..its literature)

Nor even slip  under the  fancy skirts pretending she didnt look lovely in one

 doin her summer twirl trying out her friends one

i saw 

... blood... and an English name... only... entitle you to even get as far as  the naughty step... at the foot of Merm palace.... they marry ' out' to get a two, 

as long as the ethnic  usually lasts.

 ergo Jemima...

not Mrs President Khan....

Indeed its a harder act than even the  upchuckin princess...    they even live on, despite themselves. .