Thursday 8 February 2024

well, just like that

 .. you know when you have met a finest possible 

non mermaid, 

even if she actually busy  Be ing one  

in a downtown harbour showing off  cold water toughness, and her fine body... and just drop dead harmony hair sprayed her  gorgeous lined face...

 with gold dust filled  valleys 

 left behind  after the floods... of  the tidal wave of her 

so obviously

 so 'real woman' life

gazing upclose into those valleys i could see every fleck  there glintin with radiant  after life

 being life

and the only one also still



(fuck thats better than the croakey yid) 

and ive never met a gorgeous woman who actually takes her knickers off in front of your eyes within a minute of the crack beginning..

and not even an awkward blink 

 of her eyes..

A non mermaid  says of mermaid central " ...ohh shes there...lots of wonky ones over there .. [ not surprising they 'ratted' her fine head into messey  knots..] "

far more important a non merm criteria,

 " Your Mr  Dylan should have been chucked in the harbour at birth..... "

( come back here in a bit i will show you who has the mermaid catching trident in this world)

but how to get a poor innocent bloke pondering chuckin imself in the harbour... really really hating ....  like  hstecriminal levels of despising even more than mrrms, even non merms..

... ."  yes thank you  mister.....  ... just like your great skin.."

 cos 2018 i fully accepted ( ahh it came back :-) .. Rachmanitis...  near killed me..i leaned in to death and took her tightrope dancin with me... 

and it was a draw and truce

but one tjing i know for certain no woman is conceivably not going yo think abput me ..

( on her creekside xmas day...) i am so ugly and bad skin old gitty goat  i mustnt even expect to be noticed any more ever especially  by a most beautiful water creature.......  

She was right.... her shittycreekside she couldnt  even look at me as she sped away ( at 20km/h and i hope like me never over 50 these roads are so dangerous....and she said she loved kids...well i still love one  .. there )

anyway ehhh...

i was wandering 

in shock

and full of hate she scuppered my plan to know i am too ugly to ever Be noticed, so death time

and wandering around spinning jokes in head about the non merm...

and then

i met someone quite impossible..

but hatespeech  non merms first