Thursday 8 February 2024



where i had the pleasure


i know what i shall term her type

the rarest of " birds" 

nearly extinct


Even if she in particular is named out of the Johannah song

and she " said" the evilest of hatefilled inhuman lines to a " human" quite quite  accepting of the fact none could conceivably ponder my ugly mug, ever,  worthy Be ing gazed upon ever  again... 

Not just Be cause i know her real soul

as a ' pet' to the ponces of  ratty creek ... she cannot let it ever Be ..seen... or in her real books

But because ....

jelly faced women is just a lovely poetical ..

" dad... 'jelly faced wimmin'... bloody ell....what drugs is he on"

hmmm where do I even Be.. gin....

If one must have an English born reader.. even if ( for the thousandth time) " i am the official fakebook activisty campaigner agsainst all middle class  wannaBe..toff babes aleays using as line two 'i am too busy to..'   ( Nerudas ' a conversation does not Be gin until we have Be een speaking an hour'..).. taking REAL risks face to face if being stabbed in the eye with their stilletoes .. they hate that line so much..... I met her at last

And want those perfect golddust filled valleys... 

around her knickers off eyes

filled with tearstoo

the right kind

And she alone knows what they


( Inscrutables... Reader on the 6.37,  had me fuckin gushin at the end even with fat fascists overlooking my reading yard... Ove... 

Bel Cant... the film superb too

( i wonder if she chucked it in rattycreek... 

.. i fidnt knoe thry called it full of 'Rats'... until i met a eoman who gave og hersel, the accurate informatiom.. whilst knickers  transitioning  from off to on .... i believe...  her alone...  britborn i mean... nonbritborn i learned decades ago one usually can... even if too scaredy cat 

to rat on her 'Ratty' neighbours .... and Be honest... the quay

 to the golden nugets 

glintin  boulders

 even Odysseyus couldnt shift..  

stewn, no welded in

that are the face

that 'embody' 

timeless maybe 60 looking twenty

ehat they all want

and only one has it for sure

cos she tells



bitch lying 'bout my skin


just to pee me off

they always gotta find some way  


 pull the anchor off your ankle

you spent years tying tight

knowing  fait accompli 

rejected even by the  bumbling  Bee... 



bettrmer to Be what you  

anchor weighed down looking up at her knickers swimming so 


 strongly above

  where long ago i should have been ...

and full well do know

to Be cont