Thursday 29 February 2024

"why are you photographing books..?"

 Maggie-Merms certainly can be mentoo...and the blatantly menmerms my my they give me a shiver inside more than her hand in the quite good recent film

Infact there is NO British born "poetry" anywhere in this whole ugly protuberance of 5mil peeps


but as things HAVE.."changed" the change will take time to kairos itself into everyday

" i am  merely noting a few things for maybe one day purchase [he smilingly lies] ...quaint these latterday [showoffs...ignorant too -  hatred not actually being a 'THING' - stuckness is, ignorance is, irrational fear is, Believing dreadful badthink like Eckhart, causing internalrumpus, is....]"

No bookshop in London would be literally listening out for the click of your shutter. He really should go BACK to actual London where a customer may tell him to grow up,get a life, and certainly get out of mine..or else.."
Merms really are just big fat fish, and small ponds...