Tuesday 13 February 2024

Why even mentoring great youngsters in eco work requires a Be coupling... two tangoing


Eckhart fails to tell ...anyone...as this is real life.

And why a relationship may eventually prove to cause centred peaceful satisfaction, doing what is almost impossible, solo.. but IS " community"

As is required  even mentoring a fantastic middle aged woman who NEEDS to write her story..." NOW" tpbrightly increase her "power"

NOTE TO SELF .. test...

the files below need listening to

 to figure which is the better listen..

i aint got  time...yet more of it wasted over 10 days

DM650192 mp3 file

and  same waffle in 


google drive folder


too dangerous a rendezvous 

this Ralph's free 15 gb of google drive space...nearly chokka

so the faeries say "stop" ... "kairos...mister" , too

sadly the youngsters did not adopt 

facebook 'cotwo gurus'



because it takes HARD real work curating their fragile psyches...only two can do..

 safely... for both parties,  mentored, and ee...

and... even 9 or 10 years ago " yuck not only is it totally damaging to creative or real thought, social media... useless too at making any real allies or friends and furthermore its all getting very dysfunctiinal narcissistic...making people just weird.... but you, mentoree, i understand YOU will wish to promote the scheme that way.... so i am setting tjis up for YOU to adopt and use...  i really cant stand using it for even 5 minutes..."