Tuesday 13 February 2024


 .. hindsight is one thing, 

" events dear girl, events" 

is the antidote to cynicism, in that had JC the actual Christ, one may for fun riff upon, got some of the power 2019...  maybe a coalition of the Anything But Brexit party... even if Greens ( as per audio yest, are only interested in which of the BBCs 95 ' genders'.. or whatever they think, we know not, only interest themselves in for votes in who may play with whom from which of the 95..  )

100% ' event' May 2020... 

" we have a material change (  legal treaty term, means we can ignore legally a democratic people power thing or  even negotiated treaty legal agreement) ... 10 or 20% of the economy down the bog, bug or not...certainly qualifies...so we will put on hold BREXIT.. for a rethink... and ponder 'reform' .. then  maybe remain  [his stated obviously antisemetic position]" 

but had the BBC told stories, the vicar - an extremely conservative woman,  and expensive hat-clad, ( my opening jokeline outside her taxpayer funded heap of old stone, never open the the homeless) 

 Viccarating back  then 2016 in  VERY dinosaur racist Wales ... everyone aware he may have been infected by his wonderful helpmeet companera.. ex girlfriend...but still fabulous companera... a black  Dianne ( midawales you just dont see a single one... for a reason) 

to me 10 days ago: 

" as soon as JC got in 2016 my congregation quadrupled overnight... people interested in community, communitarianism, and rebalancing things... especially authenticity.. the joy in the church was at last real..and of course the BBC stitched him up there was no anti anyone itism...i checked, too...and this wasnt in young wokey or fake hippeyland... these were the oldschool ..sometime  even  a bit ' hang em or flog em or even better, both' ."

We would still be on hold... probably even having  referendum  #2 This time correctly a 60:40 that all other major treaty change referendums  in most countries, set as the winning post...

And there may be real material change causing people to...

think twice

BBC very much responsible for BREXIT in  the  new world that.... events dear girl

their cynicism gave you your 

250 quid to get a dog passport another large dogspend ..( i will never even kiss a girl with a dog i am so sick of doggie decadence what ive seen last 7 months) .... same doggie passport for anyone in EU to come here  .. exactly same international treaty  rules across the same piece of paper

50 ish....