Tuesday 13 February 2024


 " phd in Geographical intimacy" 

guaranteed to be a fraud in that i have lived since age 10 extremist geographical intamicy which comes down to nowhere else as a teen to get to 3rd base other than a perfect old haybarn with freshly mown hay, piled all around...or the bracken,  and kmow wallowing im fresh steamy manure is as  interesting and real-earthy gaia worship as .... nothing any ' green' sells for prophet....

and without any doubt whatsoever ( a few grownups chime) Foulmouth Polly... i mean the so called' university' will be as dire as UWE churning out mental cabbages, as it clearly is, and  one is allowed to say in that even Starkey a few years ago - top prof of real universities stated " dont go to a  Brit uni,  not even my sex aid, that frisson  thrill of Oxbridge.. Brideshead still pulsing though my veins... [ who never even heard of Bernhard the greatest fabulous writer of real books and purest wordsmith  poet]" 

just a random page, her poems just go down my spine, 

barrel roll

 around my whole endochrine, and as yet unknowable 

other systems, extant...in any old body. 

 in that best possible ..sublime...way . 

i dont under