Wednesday 7 February 2024


 ... i have always lamented such a silly word, in that .. greatest screen writer Donald Glover, by far ... best rhetorician Malala...  best book tnis century Rachel  Kushner's Mars Room

best witticist How to kill your family, Rushbridger's daughter...

a Serb  and female, too...only truth talker ive heard here for years....

whitey blokes,  got the prob....


But if i drop dead theres one little moment when really the whole false paradigm could be almost nuked

oneong..loud... sentence

Even if it was in fact funny... Ian Marchant ( ultra mermaid king though for years i did admire his sardonic compereing and told him often 

" ian talks like your Abergavenny one ... heard them over the years at Sheep muic and the like... if i have a younger grasshopper  fine mind around me,  i tell them to watch you... that one esoesh... for tips on how to do it..." )

did a 4chan documentary 5 ish years ago about " the lovely communities of  ' makers' and green wood turning  women and men of the marches..." 

every other word " community"

within a week of  it being broadcast i was in the presence quite randomly  of 2 or 3 of the 4 or 5 people he featured in his country maybe?  each one was being extremely nasty  full vpice, in public, about some other person in his theme park of a program... just pure unconunal nastiness in general nothing to do with his theme park of a program........

 however... 2021 ...

having discovered years ago no point asking any mermaid " ohhhhh that remedy / therapy .... ... you  are.... sharing. . with us so beautifully.... i am curious is there any research on it ? i am so so  intetested  . the body interests me blahh blahh fluttery eyelashes.." 

will never again speak with you again anf cross tge street if they see you even othrr end of it having a coffee from flask sat in the sun ... for years i would have  real me human society with  two local godsquad streetcorner Chrets...   my only real "people'

we would joust for hours.. we were real friends... Matt the best joke teller of all...... 3 years earlier one of them, Ian, as a Northern man ... one could trust.... i had alone trusted to come feed my ferrets when i went on my only trip abroad..... 

so one summers day 2021 we were having our usual funny saturday chatty friendly   banter...and Matt was far more ascerbic of  wit than me.... 10 times so....

my barbs were observayions from real life of

 'inconsitencies'  within his... 'elders'.. even if delivered with a loving human smile..a real one as they kmew

but we would warm up to jousting to the rhetorical death  ...with jokes...

along comes fatty Marchant ... eaddling by.. as if he oens the town ... we dont even notice him until, 

turns to me 

( always with recorder on in wokewomen mermaid  lands like Presteigne... for protection.. long ago their falsies known as as lethal as them.... ) 

 top of his big fat radio 4chan  voice really loud... ( busy farmers market high st day, and he knew me over years:  we spoke often on tragedy of brexit...what could be DONE [ him nothing ever.. and he a community noone].... he knew i never ever raise mine to anyone...ever... 

if i ever have a year ago.. its only as i value her and care)

" you CUNT.. you evil cunt ... you fucking nasty cunt saying that to them... cunt cunt cunt 

" .. these poor  poor people [ mat and ian JWs both richish, too.. well dressed, fine beards, new smartphones aleays displayed ] ... have been more persecuted than any other people in history you cunt ...  and now you are persecuting them even more shame on you CUNT cunt cunt.. you disgust me cunt.. " 

all the way up the high st.  

4chan earned the license fee  for a decade....

the laughs we had all 3 of us... for hours after his little. .

'proof ' 

even Ian had  'fallen' to....  ??

its not even' assuming' , it is actually real misanthropic ignorance.....  and he's an ' intellectual' writer.  

be a great release to ...maybe help sort out the ' culture'  'wars'..??

i just want it fixed....for my lass's cohort.....long pondering how but... cant do alone

... but seriously even if i cannot day my lass may hear my 10 years chronicles... 

the most interesting by far drip drip within is so many chats with folk my ' side' about brexit... how not one ( mostly top education) could ever say anything vaguely intelligent..never mind DO anything to prepare  for the likely round 2... 2019 ...  even in a few quite swingey regions... and all just backstabbef

Nige didnt grab his  stinky Brexit.. he won it quite quite justly in fact

By doing the work.. 

as mu chronicle proves beyong any doubt at all.... the next gen must know of if nothing else

but god its dull to even contemplate that story...  4  so dull  drip drip years  of only drips moaning, in the life if Ivan Denisovic.. ( they do say changed that society  ...for real)