Saturday 3 February 2024

" yes Britain should have been in The Hague" but a brave " bird" just... did one better, won ...

... i survived, with no " allies" ..

In  fact even from someone  once from a grown up place- from a warzone.

 all you get is " groundhog day " 


"authority..."  sssss...


 cant and vanity

( cant she see just how subversive i was, by accident... and someone ...may just have taken...revenge... they read James QCs boasty anti eztablishment pages, too .. [ now gone after he retired,  but up until maybe 2015ish])

on this page .. a true record

is the name Sean McPhilemy

 ( i think i get more mentions, than even he) 

 There arent many on James.. THE subversive top QC's 

 biggestboy list

( 2007 or 8 there were only about 5 of is)

But one is a far far  braver man than I

even if in 1997ish i began selling his banned book The Committee

because it told me the truth,  that simply shocked, even me... so well written and clearly true

for which his life was  chipped away at by the Brit [ establishment stitch up] decades on

 suings and probably boys in blue

it said more or less:  men in smoke filled rooms, not Sinn Fein, sinned rather by encouraging some of our  [ 'their' ] less nice Mick  chaps hurt peeps... even supplied em the gunpowder and means of plottin it... for their [ Brits]  dastardly own political  ends... 

i am proud to be on that page  with the man who frankly gave her her  new job

today.. at last

Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill appointed first minister as Stormont reconvenes

sexy....  hair dye allowed, even if i believe it was eco scams got  the ladt boss cancelled in the first place
why dont they get it:  natural sultry silver grey... is even ...sexier...!!

Books really do cause " change" ...

 real ones..

brave ones that tell it like it