Wednesday 6 March 2024

3 march, more birthday

 voicenote to Suzi midmorn on great-day 


the real history of Britain ... for a poor immo refugee... who found the wrong refuge

the Mermclass... won....

i dont mind  this was never my refugee camp

....all of whom own,  especially... Pastylandshire

and i found their  main rat hole

Suzi knows,  too.... all my material..... she has first hear of the highlights even though brexiteer bit**.... will she EVER follow through? her so often statef

i hope for her sake she does...


not mine,  i found over 9 months

the voice i needed

but never knew i had.

to end all i ever needed to say

so at least my own lass may know one day why i tried to Be not a refugee any more in the concentration camp ..

 where no one can Be ginto concentrate on simplest old rules, and  ways to Be...

what was the line? ... i belong to a place which no longer exists

an actual refugee decades ago  knew what he was refugeeing from

and also yesterday what WAS

great...and could so easily  be found again...

and i dont look back  Jatrina taught me 92...even if never managed  over time to listen to her own lessons ... tomorrow is all that matters.


voice 30


the last few months to Be woven into

something more user friendly...

one day

Jenny ehhhhhh...  xxx



( another one on this somewhere)

suzi  laffin.... evening call


if all those links work, i have remembered to set to public...  have the right audios vaguely in order

it will Be a miracle

but silly me i Be keave

there is one sane simple person left

cos none of what i witter is complicated

i have no formal  humanities or univerdity education ... i in fact just the best if culture.

And learned

oops i forgot the snide reality of walkers audio... 


( which had part of the story woven in as usual so.... probably nothing will make sequitur sense...yet...)