Wednesday 6 March 2024

backwards ' NOW' and edit

 updated page

but as every monday for about 3 months i set a deadline: "  this week i MUST get to work knuckling down on getting something ... one of about 10 part rit books or waffles ...or unique seties of recordings... a bit funded or to someone useful..." 

i forget i even made a few new fundme vids 

and leave them unviewable,  '  private '


i probably wove in a bit of the 'story', too....

it just keepz me alive...and at least i know there are goddesses who  if no one else ever does, follow my trail of thought....

as i said, " may Be thats the only reason we are here..... to let go and trust them... trust they also hear all we say and think... thats enough" 

...  to Be on the ball  ?and ma Be ' care' ? if no one else..but dont ask me why...

oh yrs thats the thing

rural ralph

7 1/2 years ago i started him... Be cause something needed pindering...

so, walk the hills, my kadt ones, Herrock... to Knighton.... and audio interview the hill walkers...  mainly Brits

hill walkers tell the truth

as of course all around us down beliw it had started to go wonky

find some sanity or good standing  above the fray perspective.. 

it worked

for a while...

And then it Be came  free and sp so much more alive..

as for a few years i andered the lowlands... the artists.. the Merms of Horrorfordshire  . ...mainly men

but they were the garekeepers to the " community" ... the only ones who may have stood up to the pale,  and organised what UKIP did without bickering n backstabbin, becaise it needed organising:

what next

as allies... all suposedly on the same ' side'

And my record of 3 years  toil n trouble n all their people pleasing...

and ...

well it is so dull... but is a real inside look n listen... at what REALLY happened

Nigel didnt steal my red refugee  passport

Be leave me... every word of millions,  over  3 years, none scripted every one emobying real life ongoing as it happened... shows how those Merms...  they alone, gave it away


but fot a Miss " Bodily"

Be leave



it all started  with the one worst fake book ever....

every moment of my own life has Been about dusproving, inadvertantly

Their Bible

the first book to prostitute nature into what it never was and never worked... especially for him

and millions of merm disciples

hahh hahh that reminds me i started to write the last pist a few days ago....