Tuesday 19 March 2024

a nearly..

 ... complete, " 'simple' story" of a day....  near perfect day, only one 'simple' item Missing


I am only ever for months full time  here... especially as out of the blue

lastpost video

the gins, well women,(  or are they prejudicially slagged off called mere merms?), Ghosts of the Cot valley Hammerbabes... even shamans ( can they do real vudu? if so hers is so pathetic that my temple  -thats forrid in  English, or forehead if you must... ...cancer.. came along put if the blue... last summer.... is abating...) faeries,  druids, mystics, The Sublime practitioners or rather translators [ the correct term] - of what is never even clearly rit in earthmuvva  native tongue....  so forget the notion you msy ever know ' the ineffable' is called that by the rare good mind, for a reason..

are helpin:

"stick your finger up [ but with If,  Lyndsay Anderson's clean fingernail... his mate told me 2020]... their bum.... so far... you reach even their...hearts..."