Tuesday 19 March 2024

River Wye, why? 1 of many

 May Be...

But! not a 'cause'.

I mean what



Every day.

( all content has extra bonus '" ' simple' stories" stuff woven in...or if you must,  moneysaver  expert i am.... it Be ing so boring waiting for them to discover ...  grub, rent, motors especially ... travel rooming, and everything else, not to mention two sharing the same amount of carbon at homr ..all 40% cheaper amortised over a rest of life, two together...)

... but... t'was yesteraft that  put me in the mood

two smiley  " human" faces... together...

pay-gun time now...

and consecutive sentences, most of mine meaning at least three different things, to at least three   different peeps  face to face riffed, upon

And then there is the fourth: the meaning if one knows advanced English  used to Be standard!  such as... i heard a foreign " bird" on the wireless yestereve saying correctly ' criterion' .

.for one

when very very few native born n breds 

even school heads 

( i have a nasty chronicle of over 20 years

..as  puperprof uk's leading public Oxford Don  intellectual Starkey said " do NOT  go to university now....[ in uk] ....waste of time

not only do they not teach you how to learn " fight with me fucker....  jost...  yoijare that end of the beautiful jostin' ' list' ...i am the other

It is your JOB as my student to lance  me on my own petard!!...and Be come...better than me..."

plus they cant even speak fuckin basic English   ...invent new crapwords like 'intersection' or Just  'trauma' and depression..or even feminine or ...

other far better ones always did...work

science says of late, if a siciety  uses harsh pinpointy words like 'cancer' ( and of course schitzo or bipolar or altzeimer or their 'neuro' -  every innacurate label ever   especially adhd.... rather than perhaps for cancer,  wigglerot...  or ... ' my sweet inevitable' ... or for mefical  behaviour syndromes,   badmumitis... daddytoo.... people actually die earlier!

nice gentle fluffy words in respect of THEMIX ( mindbody indivisible) ... work

for Mermaidism its the opposite, only describing fully their bi-schit-vapid-razorblade-gouge-yer-nose-off.. to spite their toxic sponged off faces look... 

can now work

several actually wise " birds " have of late confirmed...