Thursday 21 March 2024

A new language ( Ms shamanic 'second sight' ehhh... read this... real research not on your dodgy internet)

  ditto went wonky


A new language ( Ms  shamanic 'second sight' ehhh... read this... real research not on your dodgy internet)

having stopped, given up....only backwards now... plus the NonnyMermaker made me believe on second sight, this aft... she really IS a real...inspiration with only one face

thismorn at the Morrisons free elec socket

hell to Be in there even 30 min....  

1 1/2"hrs later

all nicely full charged... only Be cause

" that was the most interesting connversation i have ever had with an England born in my life ... and the way your 3 nippers are at the table  - so incredibly well behaved,  says you speak truly.... so now we got past all the

 ' Roma are opressed  pity us', bullshit, you cant get away with  with a fellow REAL  gyppo traveller as me... 

i knew from your first rude retaliatory quip,  y'old thing... you are most happy and secure gran  to 22 ive ever  met in my life...  and that man of yours! ferk me  Omar Sharif  meets  Nureyev.... but how utterly mindblowinglyinteresting.

 ... the Roma words for all the animals i love them ... but poaching them  integral to the way  the language  has adapted and modern usage and lexicon... 

.....but that your [ main two gyppo families in all of Pastylandshire]  do NOT have words for, nor any concepts of  spiritualism, magic in nature or animals ... at all.... no words at all shamen   traditions of  vudu or magic.. appeard in your language.... no fairies no metaphysics at all and as you say you  all frown on any metaphysical.... is incredible ..the opposite i may have assumed..... and that the so called ' fortune tellers' are in fact quite unaceptable to you, kindof 'not of us' ... they are accepted only as long as they stay aside our you say... 

 its absolutely astonoshing real truth... every single merm, shaman,  healer ...reiki bullshit merchant...  would deny the words out of your ancient peoples' gobs ..first hand from you the wise old matriach "bird" ...if they heard my interview......

 wow...  and good luck lass with the housing...youve saved me a job joining their lists..if you cant even get a council house with those 4 .. under 3...

no hope for me... good!

i am happy now i chose to be a real traveller unlike you static caravan  fakers hahh hahhh..."


" myself i Be lieve... there is something more

..i know it... but i know for sure no one can know the rules or what it is... even the wisestcwoman i met...sadly faking some know that harms her.... Be cause she is intelligent  enough and authentic in her soul to know she is just faking for fake love....real love is what you all have....sticking together no matter what... and luvin her hahh hahh despite those ugly tattoos all up err arm... "