Monday 18 March 2024

a ten times better" ' simple' stories"

 day today than any other, ever

but t'will take a day to get to a socket, and charge the devices.... to share, for free....but. sockets, only on my terms, ever. Now. I had the real pleasure

 of the real reason ' simple' may Be good.... i would not have the true affinity friend... atomised, sulking eyes   in my own all-i-need  small space,  hermitude... sometimes it's really good to... need.... to Be...sat next   to others.. even just to Be rude..

only in my case .. electricity, only to  keep this silly not a blog,  nor a travelogue..

 simply ... proof for one lost " bird" ...i was indeed bulletproof

no one ever hears me utter any self  pityful word

Thats called Be ing...daddy.. no matter what.

A real one. Always...