Tuesday 19 March 2024

Real [innix] bright eyes...

 ...and I am sure she knows the rules - that have forever ...Be een... one does not not say what one means, and mean what one says, in front of her lovely nine year old, who IS a writer. And her bestie friend,  Just as so wonderfully   engaging with a tramp man she has never met... telling him immediately  as he frantically runs across the 'square' ... 

spying her shock of red hair

..of the friends,  hertoo ' I am a writer too!  and i love writing about EVERYthing...:-) :-) ...!! ( her even  brighter  eyes i will never forget)

"and mine.... she wtites really good songs, too!"

" wait... let me go and get something to show you... what love is...  not just of nature - cutting carefully only the bits we must ... like your mum, Be ing careful to do their gardens ' environmebtally' ... maybe one day you can write a song about this... passed on to me 50 years ago by a true lovely old manRalph... look how thin the blade is... 100 years of work... with whetstone... scythe ten minutes, sharpen for two.... 100 years...  of workers have loved this blade...lived it too..  and i always loved  the man who taught me to use it too...  fifty years ago he would have loved you 100% for certain too... i know you two real hound  wild writer women of your cliffs and coves .  ."

"so... god i glad i found you again.... i sent a message to fat vapid vampiric  Merm central,  " Could you pass this on please...' gotta get back to her somehow' I have 10 boxes of books to pass on to her young daughter writer..age 9.. im obsessive environmentalist recycler and everything must have a home even if fat old bats like you dont know, passing on, protecting the stuff... is above your prejudicial fearful of us real country peeps...who ignore your ... feelings  as recycling reusing ... neans always....".... but now i dont need to be contemptuously cuntly  ignored by the  usual so predictive text mermocats.. with unused xecades nermocunts...their real prob.. [ as earlier discussed, in full] .... i got back to you.. hahh hahhh hahhhh   so listen ... 5 large bags of clothes for her next 3 years... tons of books.. ...  they were offered to someone else first for her adopted part time lass... 

but this modern world... well  alas

she prob thinks me just a snake in rhe grass

needs my head cut off 

Anyway...dont quite know how i will... but i wish if i can to get it all here, do you have a van... dont worry somehow 

soon as you told me,

 sunday dinner 

with ex hub ..  and her, 

 for only her, 

no matter what the sad angry  yesterfeelings... three at your table, just for her

 you the winner... 

Of a competition i never knew i was questin' oddessaying, 

dire epic poeticalin'

 so would you like it all....? your 7 little jobs ok now 6 Be ing he  kicked the rusty one ."

" Wow..  yeaahhhh.. no question

 [ then whisprin, i wasnt sexyfascist 3 boxes,  too of girly play 

charity shop accessories 

for an inside  rainy day... if you want themtoo if they fit in with your parentinf style.

.] ..."

  at last a smile

that simply says, saywhatyoumean in front of childwitnessed,  too, or you too

 are child abusin' ..for life

" of course, no question, and i shan't change my mind, wow [ bright eyed]  yes thank you..."