Friday 15 March 2024

ahh but serbia

 got detupod and improved

i live 100% sedately, on the hoof

but i also know EXACTLY where the line is

there is one is so SIMPLE

it was there, as example,  one night of December 2022 many a text ping ponging..

late - i never stay up late for ANY  one

except the one i did

my pong: " hey... i think were getting crossed wires...  but anyway you sent me a text by Miss Take... its clearly not to me but to your friend..about me....  

 i  know what they are  and keep  to the rules... i read the first sentence and then saw it was your innocent error,  then i stopped reading it as it was not meant for would be wrong if i did.." 

and i never did...

i know exactly what " morality" means and where the line is...even most  18 year old ferkin brits did once... 42 years ago... and nothing has changed, one bit..and i have a perfect memory

ohh i know chameleons, or that  thing called control freak i.e. all weak Brit women, foundations built on sand, at least not so stupid,  they dont know this deep down... are scared of that..

not my problem