Friday 15 March 2024

ahhh...but Serbia

 Now, i don't recognise any nation.

Only regions. 

Yugoslavia just of a whole region, S.E. Central Europe? i guess...

But I can never think of Belgrade without thinking 

of  the true,  kind of.. truest love of my 20s... and in the Belgrade Continental, it must have been not long before their war .. maybe the most important interraction with a woman of my whole dull, 


The woman who in my mid 20s gave me that  Bach book ( in a hedgehog indictment, too).... i know is the one true book, his Bridges Accross Forever...Not for the pixie moonwalking stuff ...but that within is THE formula:

She, required He,  required her... to Be together in a little team... to save their local eco forrest from developer destruction.

They fought the baddies together, and won...

Only two could safely do that tango....  " watching each others backs"

Anyway back to Belgrade.

A phone call. Even better than the wonderful film, and my once a year ' binge' watch the fantastic  tv version on they blocked the main one, .to,  after years!

.id works better. no porn


One Day ( i not a cynix, i like good love stories)

Margret from ultra rednecksville North Carolina, caled me... we were on year 6 of our ' One Day',  only difference love pledged on day one...  always rebutted but... talk about a flirt! snd tease.... 6 years! only the truly beautiful souls can get away with that

... Day 1...she not quite ready, being still 21 perfect little extremely beautiful redneck, who so adored real education... books, art, culture.... they were her whole life, met in NY Met,  her first visit to The Apple, or any city... stars in her eyes...

 ... innocent... perfect... what new America was for.... culture, to guide her back home,  into keeping her dream alive , just somehow wishing to Be in some society where she didnt have to sleep with a big muvvafucker of a gun under her pillow in Hickory, N Cal... in the sweltering nights. Leave a bedroom window open, equals.... gun at hand.  Sleep with one eye open as Maiden sang i believe....To my shock on my first visit to true humble hicksville, a lovely week...  cos of her. Despite her toting her protection my way ... for fun. With a wink.

So ff 6 years, Belgrade.

Hotel phone rings late one night

" oi.... yu bugger... i want to ask you something....  i want to get married.... "

" flip.... ehhhh.... are you sure, your ... well are so happy on your perfect educational... life journey.... you are the best version of you there could ever Be ... that what our best friendship has been about the last  6 years.... ... but ok you know i love you as deeply as first moment we met... more ...but i still havent cured you of the dreadful pseud,  Nick Cave addiction yet,  so.... are you ready?."

" no you got the wrong end of the wrong stick shoved up your ass, moron.... not you... Bill.... But i cant unless you give me your permission... set me free.. and you agree he is good enough

 for me...."

talk about emotion

the ultimate One Day scence

in horrid Rambo infected Belgrade...

( to  Be cont, unfortunately despite playing out over 15 years, that story not as  slim as One Day... yanks do 2 things, even her visiting a few years later with hub, piled on the spare tyres.... and they seem incapable of keeping even the deepest conceivable perfect friendship going beyond a decade...  11 years to Be precise... they collapse into ????

 but her book  ... we would for 7 or 8 years send back and forth the pond.... 

i know has still defined my last 20....

Is the SIMPLE "alchemy" required, two to get more really hard eco protection stuff, DONE   ..


 Or not...

( ... is it ok now? works... the new Ms Morley, a brown girl....  at first i wondered but ... no, its brilliant... brown girl as  bright and gobby as white... thanks can we now return to colourblind culture,  like ... ALL the work by genius Donald Glover... irrespective of his waist size... is much better than ayone elses... in the world.)

my my this was unplanned...30 minutes of... film at last.." ehhup Serbia.... i would rather have spent my petrol money on something else..Be cause...and effect..." 

uploading now... eight big fat gigs

but you have to Be organised, to beat all these people pleasing ( the really bad version) time wasters...

All i ever meet

The movie!

here, later today.

And winning them.. ( better not say ' beating',  or any woman from this sick little aisle, even Merminfected Serb, will stick it on the falsie... rapsheet...) 

Kairos.... all the way til the wheels fall off n burn...

in the can