Sunday 31 March 2024

all cant and vanity

 seeing wot i seen

' o Serbian Marchin' ditties

indeed, you cannot SEE the original video,
 that snot it

I bet Serbia
indeed,  complained to The Tube
"In our dancin marchin vids only fine young homoerotic MEN are allowed... block it...its mixed, modern   equal and happy"

and this the original is actually banned from said Tube

so brilliant that  it makes even me ( i never have) take up dancin',  its so genius...

of course she wasn't pushed...
she quite rightly ran
but dont blame anything on past generations, ' traumatised' or not

if you good at dancin' 
and got a good head
and a plane tick of money
you go where you can dance free

unlike  poor St Kittian, god her smell.... 
of pure, Bambi

.... but its the confectionary
thats the problem!
roll on recession.... 
thatll sort out the buttered side of the toast
from whats just a lottery