Sunday 31 March 2024

 " but dad if you had to sacrafice all  of that mental illness called love rememberation...

whom would you in your last  5 minutes of alloted deathbed remememberation

wish to have just five minutes more of face to face [ yes we know no one from this sick nation]?"

" well... you see

 ' human's i'm afraid are pathetic in their simplicity

All is so predictable 

and connected 

century after century

The Polish biker

Olivia her name

thirty, actual lawyer to superrich bankers London City

knew all ...

everything just a game

i cannot believe even now, what a mind holy cow!

But cared, what had come to pass, 

all her former Soviet states,  each and every one

I smiled a wistful look

' Olivia, if i ever write the book, 

each and every one, 

its as if when Pretty Woman was  beamed over the wall: her, a bit of pay-as-he-went

never mind no more rent

free shopping storecards, Lotus, every magpie gift from he 

smiled so warmly, and one and they all saw it

as a documentary'

" mister, i never heard anyone put so beautifuly

that .. all my ex  people's tragedy"

Actual change perhaps takes a good half a century

When you saw

as did I

every scumbag marketeer, so liar, 

banned from being  licensed ' practitioner'  

descend, mid 90s... 

And successfully warp every single one

only our western stuff, no matter what the cost

( 5 times, amortising  exchange rate )

can make you " human" 

i have no idea if  the worst of it, i saw...

  infected even a fine mind expat....

suposedly safe over our then, less insane  'boundary 'seashore..

I know nothing.... beacause no one got off the hamster wheel long enough to know themselves....  

even if,  i bet even pigthick Eckhart, tells them to...