Thursday 7 March 2024

 so, backwards, only now...i got back to Thelm'nLou #1...

And I have no complaints, i already knew, some years ago how truly mindnumbingly ' covid' Pastylandshire was goig to ...Be.

Meaning in a real rural region real people ( except the 'Greens' 'twas


 hilarious to see.), most ordinary people got on with life, either from mid April 2020.... or if alcies, enjoying the skive, from about that autumn

Except for the Presteigne 25%  and  Hay 50% of Merms, whom were actually still donning their ' give a merm a yellow bossbabe  jacket [ to ' shepherd queues at the one small supermarket in Prest, in batallions]  and reveal the hidden  nazi all along inside'   into spring 2022...

Pastylandshire it hadnt occurred it wouldbe 75% Merm content   

which is Just funny..

If they hadnt Novi, chuck...poisoned one fine mind 

Anyway, no chip.... so dull. So little to see...

So predictable, that the ONLY furniture store for quite a few km.... has a regular ' waste free' way of not paying collection taxes.. 

Again, on Monday.

Anyway in a land of more sunset pics in a day,  than  letters  in the books, schoolkids are made to read in their whole 'education' ( sad but true) down here,
i have my collection. Except most of mine are merely for the little story in front, that one day

oh yes.. 
one of a series
Now i don't state rather grandiose sounding daft things like '"rebirth day" or mot  write a blogging travelogue
unless there are several other concurrent symbolic momentd, which deserve a chapter.
of a timeless odd essay
One day.
Such as on my gavebirth day..
... and i dont much like  ' insights' as they can Be cheating overclaimings unless we are very careful...
But i quite like occasional deeply symbolic moments.
Perhaps we need them as fourposter bedpost frameworks,  to an otherwise endless job to find reasons to live on...

This is one.  Tuesday too....

To Be very much continued, but  once some critical  missed  bits are filled in,  within a few days...i have my notes!...
then only  when stationary at least 
a week, with a socket.... as i have so many poignant pics and even more better poetry to root out...soon
And a re-quest....  to do..
Now i dont seem to Be able to drop dead very easily and am in best early spring condition  for decades...