Friday 8 March 2024

Her [ in italx] " troubled" mind?? but that is just a question...

 ..mark these words

( this post will not Be fully formed until liunchtime... but certainly will, Be.. just call it happy birthday)

 2 hrs non stop 7am til... 9.... no thinking... just pen and paper and.... see

if it all takes shape

as it always has Been 

for me

but wrong way round.

bottom to top

in my pad can Be found

But then the subtlety needs the nuance of


I shall ( never bfore) later today.   

out loud say

dawn today so profound!

" troubles" a nice soft forgiving word

" trauma" not

even " depression", no

And there we go

after all of that

Mermaidism  maybe stiched up


The cause... i remembered


x2 ...

i understand... he.... a 'prototype' old vintage Jag man

I started to encounter mid 90s... many after.

I would go mermaid, too..

faced with his fraud and sharp metal edges

Hidden,  for a screw...

"any of them would do"

he.. the one the book was written aboout, 

" mr enlightened new age ..  finest new Briton man .. "

even got on 4chan Front Row

into my chronicles

" all of them,  just meat... to me.. my whole Gwerk perfect man,  act act" ... he actually.. truth ...

2019...a fact!!

a film to go in too

and an audio..not too long

yrsteraft i reslised

ok over a year on

but her ' astrology' ..

only one i ever allowed to " DO" me 

yes ..  that .." i trust 

only you,  Bea.."

Always before, to me... i feared almost,  denied,  "i just dont know! too much.."

But things take time



yesteraft it was the time... 

to speak of what, may yes Be...

to Be cont