Friday 8 March 2024

Be.. ware

 My last ever ever hour at the library... only because i need some' space'

On my hard drive...

My 6 month acquaintance - a rare one; i have accidentally talked my way into discovering a few . ..

Not many...  

A 40something year old mother of a 4 year old. Graduate. 

She " i see you herding men at your Zoom consol" very very PR, all the current entrepeneur, lingo...

Digital nomad. But here some yesrs.... Expensive laptop n phone...

 At last i get her to put down her herding machine...for just 5 minutes..

more actually

" yes i know...its ALL ( the economy, the playground theme park ' discretionary spend'...  on the crumbling cliff workshops, too... " 

Beware of years of boredom to come, if like me you rwally find the real silver lining in every tightening if the belt

...true BODILY energy in every tough little moment even cancer or worse... 

Be cause ( she did, 'license' me to go all the way) ... 

unles you sign up for my aleays free workshop, here.. from about last July...

let go, Be true to what truly does ' sustain'.. always...

you gonna have either a nasty fall that takes years to recover from if you even do...or will Be so bored waiting for the rest to catch up...once again.



Partner in crime needed

( even the actually Mermaid looking,  so so so  controlled, quiye reptessed appearing, conformist acquaintance... she said " hmmm.. pr yes i agree ....piety and earnestness does not work....  never did ... how to really reach peeps....  may Be a bit of ... bolshie 

 slightly nasty


real wake up prod them in the bum

 for their own sakes..."

just as i have tried and failed for ... well ... 7 years now... 

maybe its just not possible solo..maybe the audience needs to see two.... in one space

Or they are terrified of entering yours -  i know as do many women i meander with... an extremely safe and happy place