Friday 15 March 2024

Big Di....

 2016 JC the second comming of an actual real, not fake Christ, is elected to the head of Labour, having followed the   rules set out exactly 500 years previously in

" the leader the community needs,  is the person who never sought to Be leader"

There is no better example in modern history.

 Di's kitchen ( or smoke filled back shed) as his friendly ex, early 2016,  her hosting a tea party planning the labour leadership candidates, a few gathered, 

" ok peeps,  us few real  lefties once again,  yawn....we have  to put our peep in the hat -   leadership elections soon......we have NO hope,  as usual, of winning against the Blair clone  spivs of New Labour  ... your turn Jezza i believe... everyone else had a ritual humiliation...cmon dont be shy....."

JC the not fake: 

" ohhh ok if i must ... eckerslike....but dont ask me to put 'and in pocket if deposit usual... 

"gotta buy new innertubes for bike, if cycling around Kington Herefordshire later in summer, all the hedges get cut illegally early, .... and Gordon of Kington KLEEN 'kington local energy and environment network',  couldnt give a toss, when reported to him at Ludlow Green Fair,  later that year... despite taking charity money to be 'environmental' ... as their name states"

 ( joke in last lines: theres no standing fee; lying conman merman Gordon of KLEEN  mentioned in audio today, true, not funny).

autumn  or winter '16

my laptop in my cave:  

"oh well he is so actually green, does his alottment..unlike any other labour neurotic fat towny politician, ever...all thecrest scared of muck and soil.....i only trust actual green fingered folk.....and he has got highest leadership vote ever.....and labour membership had virtually doubled overnight to highest ever due his new bossship....better watch Question Time on youtube....  see if they are worth ....maybe supporting...

" uhhh ohhhhh... god she is so dull, pretentious,  and useless speaker...when ive seen her in the past....  and sent kid to private school... i hatectime hippo-frauds.... of any party who send their kids to private schoold undermining state education...

" ang on.... flip  The Abbo... shes suddenly... surfing that liminal wave... her game suddenly has spun up into fifth gear at's great!!!  she's learned to speak well in public.. givin em hell! whoop whoop.... and shes flying! with laughs and confidence... how fantastic bless her... i bet err old lover is quite emotional... proves: get some leg up, doesnt matter how...  everyone can shine anyone always... irrespective of any immutable aspect... shes  i like her a lot ...she has earned my geuine apreciation..!!.. i know that.. you were a useless i was...but stuff happened to put you in car headlights... and i bet she still loves her oldvluvva...shes driven now by LOVE... of her boss, too... great...unbeatable force of nature... and she's luvvin every shadow cabinet 

second of it  

good for you two old once love " birds"

kiss kiss we luv yoo too Di..."

end of story.

Except the story of this whole awful land, listening to Any Questions this eve, first question on the nasty Tory donor,  is as follows: 

The story: NO ONE CAN SPEAK.. simply and accurately.

I heard the reported words.

It is so so so simple if  these useless self righteous word spinners, opening their mouths only to make themselves look good,  with their fake overeducated righteousness... they fail to deliver one simple 

paragraph,a few simple lines, that i know would bring the house down....

"Most word policing is evil and has driven  recent society mad....Godlike  Hannah Arendt said 'when there are things we cannot say in society we already have a tyranny.'...and all social mediators have also been driven into spazheadedness..... 

However there is a line... a simple line...EVERY single 'human' in this land,  even in gaols, even  fairly mentally ill or even neurodivergent-  they all use as excuse for everything...or rather  their useless neurotic self obsessed affluenza riddled mums do, for their useless parenting, usually the cause of it, do...... even horrid Tommy Robinson speaking in public..does...or even in a private bar if he thought within pickup range of someones phone recorder.......... everyone ... except the truly  seriously mentally ill - for real,  rather than to keep housing benefit options open... knows exactly where that line is


 and anyone suggesting it was  a cheeky quip or even ' mistake'  is simply insane,  as there cannot be any conceivable excuse...none... ever... 

the man was so over the line the Tories are obviously insane not to return the gifted  money,  too"



There was not even any ambiguity, but the apalling lack of simple rhetoric  all week from any uk commentator on this simple issue....has made all your children, loony-ill, too...

He said, so the Guardian says

Diane Abbott makes you “want to hate all black women” and said the MP “should be shot”, the Guardian.... 

its black and white. One side of a simple,  clear, decades understood, line,   or the other.

we have known where that line is  on colour 50 even 75 years ago...

Abbot has failed,  too, though, by not laughing at him and turning it around...into a weapon,  for a real  love crusade... 

Had she humorously turned it back on him.... she is quite capable of doing with her last 7 years great new rhetoric skills which included new great wit! she would have won the next election  hands down, solo... due to EARNED

the whole land would LOVE her

for real.... 

after that true pointed gift from the unequivocally  insane   or immutably fascist Tory donor.

 cos everyone is so sick of the moaning... everywhere... they say so to me... everywhere, even if they darent even stop it themselves

 " pity me"

 their currency

( i mean even the rich middle aged moaning endlessly about routine bugs or ailments)

thank god im broke

i have actual self love for the right reasons