Friday 15 March 2024

One Day

 ( bit it...isnt quite this one yet..... but i know it will Be tomorrow cos spilling the beans is all that is hope ever, every one of dozens i have met even the last year 100% wet blankets, endlessly ONLY going on about some bodily problem...... 5 encounters this week... moan moan... my poor body..... ( when its perfectly ok a visual inspection cannot lie)

there is NO hope, any rights movement can Be carried forward in the uk ... animal, green, family, land, community... rights...ALL national arts funding next year effectively stopped!!!... no rights...cos no i have to write my how to book, now.. better... but its a decade Be fore we may even ever  ever again have some real " human" fighters" ... cos it will get far worse Be fore they may just figure... what THEY failed to Be  )

goes with, adds to,  the audio earlier today

in which i forget to mention, two augmenting each other in a rights awareness/ fighting for, unit is also necessay as the cost of just Be ing ...single, makes it utterly knife edge


i never had any inherited or Southern Money...

helpmeet/ marriage is necessary so as to reduce living/ heat etc  all costs 30% or more, per you have time/ energy to fight for rights..

mine time,  i wasted 100% cos i never met anyoneWORTH fighting for, ...their rights... more than mine!

and the gov LOVE  couples to Be at war... not only do they make loads of cash on fines court costs etc... but they know good relationships are the enemy to chrony  capitalism...cos singletons cant fight for simple rights anything like as simply..

gov LOVE Eckhart... who stops people Be ing simple couples...all that perfection to chose from, and thus stay single and arsey...forever

and discover the funerals are so so rip off expensive in uk... they dont even have the right to leave a  tenner behind the bar for some fake

 'friend' at their wake

the council will pinch it first...

to rip off even their corpse

i only could fight.. as... listen to the audio

probably wrong order

not ready til 1700

one more to go ...

last one.... backwards, now

a spacer made from a lighter strip of metal

as 1000  times a year loosen and retighten the clamp,  of course made of putty like all crap these days, the clamp becomes inadequate

theres always a fix

except, for finding two to Be in  tight a team....

but i had fun trying... lots..

( since 1 jan 2016..magnificent fun day to Be)

they even stole Perrin
the only culture
abput how to fight
 you actually need