Tuesday 12 March 2024

but first

 one dull proof

Of my work ...'ours', then

ten years of what the Merms sadly did..

( in that case, nationally infamous, it was mainly truly sad little Mer ... men... but not one of them had a ball between them left... too busy judging  and doing buddhism,  workshops so as to suck up to Mermbabes

to actually save The River


which required a few  with balls sharing lifts to planning objection meets.... 

the chronicle shows.)

( 40 years ago, a meeting to discuss community action on environmental matters.... usually a fine equal well esteemed woman who   knew makeup was a chemical, bad for you, so time wasting, dirty, and a mark of  Be ..ing still enthral to opressive absurd past social mores kerping women painted like dolls... dolly " birds"  in fact)

" ok everyone... listen hear and shut hhe fuck up

no need for dome poncy talking stick...no time for that self regarding wank;

the Clywyd river bank!

MAMifesto time....  plans, plots.... how can we save the river Clywyd  from quarrying sludge... 

item 1.  up here in slightly hippy Corwen, a bit off the beaten track....  activism is above all about numbers, on the same page... allies, companeras.. and os.... so on the header of every poster please remember to put in BOLD TYPE...

" even if you hate your fat boozy cunt of a neighbour, as pissed  last week she ran over your pet hedgehog one night.. if s/he has expressed sadness at the river pollution...  now banned from driving, put aside personal ' feeling' and offer liftshare....  as its only a numbers game....  the ' envoronment' usially being off the bus route.... all hands on deck means before performing your environmental credentials out of your GOB... 

do something to make sure as many as possible at future gatherations, ezpecially planning and local authority council  medtings,  are there to clap.... aleays have as item 1 todo list who needs offering car share... thats ALWAYS..

not may Be... unless s/he follows some other kind of fuckin 

kundalini crap

to you

and .... no, always means always, no excuse"

Horrorfordshire ( our base Craswal in the hills to 09)  was 25 years ago the least  damaged  ( by farming) environment in England...great clean rivers, good ecosystems

by 12 or 13 years ago the MOST factiry farmed county in England

...  because  not one of the incomer Merms...then men more than women


now ... 

or as of 8 or 9 years ago, only women ( and their  pet Richie) 

as of a decade ago we... sidecick n i ( me off and on 45 years into conservation) .... tried to point them simply to the above....

not one could EVER ..listen

all they did,  was  behind ones back, sometimes up front....


bitch and tell you your tome or  ' art of relating' skills are wrong...

and hardly anyone ever went to those planning meetings  where yhe citizen needs to perform the ....disgust..

as of 10 years ago Mermwomen perform...merely on Fakebook... 

where gov and big agra can harvest

their names, faces.... and all

gov/ big agra smiling

at how easy it was... ☝👺👶

and still they clever dick moan...

clever stats curate

i have the only stats that matter

so many emails texts fakebook  messages from 2014... 

" please can we coordinate rural car share pickups for  various folk on our side...  havent a motor,  but ..will make a noise for this 'CAUSE'...."

not one ever ever acted on....

by the kind if NMrm now bleating on

Farming Today



" a billion  factory chicks a year...om our River Wye" 

ONLY because of chicks like her, 10 years ago we saw them fly in....( they actually gave my past housemate a breakdown, she not as resilient as me to only acedia all around in these women) .. and got in the way of real eco work....  Be ing only fake